Visual consumption of data gives viewers an intuitive feel about the institutions, systems, and processes captured in the data, revealing insight and nuance not otherwise apparent. Data visualization can enhance the viewer’s understanding of data analysis by drawing attention to specific relationships between variables. It is a particularly effective method in persuading courts, policy makers, politicians, customers, and investors to choose a specific course of action.

We offer data visualization solutions for a variety of applications, including investigations, risk assessment, marketing strategy, trial exhibits, policy advocacy, expert testimony, business communication, and financial analysis.


Our data visualization services complement our economic consulting services. We work with clients to identify and acquire datasets to help answer difficult questions of interest. We analyze data and use visualization to enhance analysis and to increase its persuasive power.


Advocacy & Business Communications

We create customized visualizations to achieve greater persuasive impact and more effective advocacy.


Analytic Solutions

We provide comprehensive data visualization solutions for better visual assessment of complex datasets.


Research & Shareable Communications

We help clients achieve greater research efficacy through user engagement and data sharing.

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Elevecon Visualizations

U.S. GDP, Debt, & Stock Market Capitalization


High education Costs & benefits


BETA & Stock Returns


Beta & Stock returns by industry


Elevecon Visualizations

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U.S. GDP, Debt, & Stock Market Capitalization

high education costs & benefits

beta & Stock Returns

beta & stock returns by industry